Hi. my name is

Yeah. I know the blog name is pretty lame. My friends hate it. They say its dumb and it doesn’t capture the depth of my personality. They’re probably biased but I dig it.

Hi. My name is Nathan Pierre. I am two cultures in one confused, complicated, kind of nerdy 23 year old guy. My mom’s Trinidadian roots are the back bone of my assertiveness and my dad’s rich Haitian culture is the foundation of my ‘underdog’ mentality. I’ve been blessed to experience both tragedy and victory in the last two decades but I’m going to share life with you. I plan to share my failures (which will be many) and victories if we’re lucky. I plan to learn from your experiences and share mine in a way that I hope remind you that you’re not alone and that I too struggle. I am a recent black college graduate from another country who just started my own business. I’m absolutely in love with music, politics and building relationships. If you have never met someone from Haiti, now you can say you have. If you have never met a young black conservative who is passionate about social change, now you can say you’ve done that too. There are plenty more anomalies that make up Nathan. Let’s get to know each other. I’m sure we have more in common than you think.




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  1. Sheila White says:

    Love it!


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