Public Enemy #1

The worlds public enemy number ONE. It’s not crime, selfishness or corruption. Don’t get me wrong. Our world is hurting and some would say it’s quickly reaching its demise, but I haven’t heard anyone point out it’s main problem yet. So here’s what I think it is.




Let me explain. Society feeds the notion that success is defined by the size of your bank account or how many people know your name or legacy. Before you stop reading, entertain this idea for a minute. Why do we define our purpose or success by something as futile as paper and people’s constantly changing views of us?


Don’t get me wrong, I understand money is important and reputation matters, but when was the last time you met a dying person wishing they had more of either one of those things?


Growing up in Haiti did a couple things to finding my purpose. In a culture where you ARE your family’s legacy, it’s difficult to find yourself. This may sound insensitive, so unless you grew up there, your opinion doesn’t count on this but being surrounded by constant poverty tends to drown you. People instantly assume your purpose is to “fix Haiti” haha, whatever that means. I’m blessed to call that beautiful island home, but there seems to be a disconnect for people like me. Constantly torn between our personal passions and our heart for our homeland. So for those of you wondering, purpose doesn’t just fall in your lap when you grew up in a third world country.


What gives you purpose? I’m trying to figure that out myself, but the more conversations I have with smart and powerful people the attention is drawn to living beyond yourself. You don’t even have to be a Christian to get behind the idea of finding purpose in investing in something bigger than you.


 I had a mentor tell me once “ your purpose lies at the intersection of your passion and Gods will. So for some of us, it’s just a matter of admitting to ourselves what we’re passionate about.


If we lived lives focused on purpose not perception, what would our societies look like? What would our families look like? Would we teach and parent differently? We each have a purpose. And if no one else tells you this week, YOU have purpose. And I love you. I can’t wait to see what your purpose is.


– Nathan the Haitian

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  1. Sonya Bolon says:

    Very well written. I love NVM and what your family has made it but more than that I love the philosophy behind it the purpose. Even at a quite a bit older age than you I am still looking for that purpose, I wonder the trips we make there what long term impact does it have, but then I listen to stories that are shared about simple moments that changed everything for a Hatitian or an American just there for a week like Brooke 🙂 and I know there is purpose. But it’s like puzzle what is my piece in that purpose? Thank you for your blog I enjoy your perspectives.


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