How to shut up a bully

If you’ve ever dealt with any sort of discrimination or oppression by an individual, understand this, they live for a reaction. I woke up this morning knowing it would be a tough day as I relived the 2010 Haiti earthquake. I was unaware of the fact that the leader of the free world insulted my homeland the night before.  As I picked up my phone, it was flooded with messages from friends and acquaintances asking my thoughts on what President Trump said the night before; so here’s your answer.

I don’t really care what side of the aisle you align with, but what POTUS said last night sheds light on ignorance and lack of leadership. This is not a political post. Consider this a post on excellence.  I’m not going to defend immigrants by telling you their success stories. If you’re interested in hearing some, ask me or look up the statistics of immigrants with bachelor’s degrees or higher.  For those of you who have never dealt with a bully, they thrive off of a reaction to their ignorance. The kicker is, they have very few legitimate skills themselves.  But what would life look like if we dedicated more time to the improvement of ourselves, so much so, that we had no time for the criticism of others?

That’s excellence.

It’s the difference between successful leaders and people that just take up space. Excellence will make a CEO and just as easily have them fired. So in the face of ignorance and hatred, pursue excellence. Control what you can control.  My high school basketball coach used to say “The best way to shut up opposition is to make your free throws”. Regardless of what people say or think about you, certain things like confidence, work ethic, and determination are irreplaceable.

The pursuit of a better future by changing the world is the beauty of immigration.  The statue of Liberty stands tall in New York and reads “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” This nation is built on the back of foreigners leaving their homes in the pursuit of a beautiful uncertainty. The very fingerprint of the United States is flooded with the faces of blue collar workers. They slave away at 4 jobs so their children can be the world’s best and brightest engineers, doctors and leaders. We pursue excellence. It’s the foundation of why we take school so seriously and don’t take the sacrifice of our immigrant parents lightly.

So if you have ever dealt with a bully, ignore them.

Focus on you and let your hard work speak for itself.

Be great. Make your free-throws.

Pursue Excellence.

-Nathan the Haitian

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