Don’t be crazy

Picture one leader you look up to.

You got someone yet? Okay here we go.

If you’re like me, at some point this leader did something, could have been stupid, courageous, or heart breaking. From celebrities to politicians, we love some and hate others but why do we admire them in the first place? I’ve had leaders let me down, and celebrities do the unspeakable but so what? We all have influence, so to some extent, were all leaders.

I think the main reason we flock to leaders is because they take the risks most of us aren’t willing to take. They decide to do something with their influence.  If you know more than 5 people then you have influence, so if people don’t see a leader in you, it’s because you made an intentional decision to just follow. Some people will always be followers, but the world needs more leaders. It needs more people who are willing to take the risk of failing in public, because that’s where our depth and value grows.

My generation of “dreamers” gets a bad rap because some of us are lazy. Some of us want to be millionaires by 30 while not applying any work it takes to get there. Some of us want the “perfect relationship” while sleeping around on the weekends. Long story short, my generation has developed a reputation for dreaming astronomically and executing inadequately.

So what are we so afraid of?

We are either afraid of success or failure; and the more people I meet, most of them are afraid of success.

Honestly, it’s not even success; it’s the plethora of responsibility that comes with success. But anyone who has accomplished ANY goal will tell you the work to get there was worth it. I’ve never met a millionaire who wished he didn’t put in those sleepless nights and I’ve never met a pro athlete who regrets those extra workouts. So clearly the fear of success is really just a pride issue. Us craving something we’re not willing to work for and using that laziness as a justification for lack of action… it sounds insane when you finally say it out loud doesn’t it?

Then there’s the fear of failure. This one is a bit more understandable but we’re human, failure is as inevitable as death and taxes, so the question is what are you going to do WHEN you fail, not if you will. Because my friend, you will fail.

I just completed year one of true adulthood and it was not pretty. So far I’ve graduated college, started working in an industry I knew nothing about and attempted my first business venture. I’m 23 years old and this past year broke me, but grew me in ways that I am forever grateful. But now is year two, so the challenges and goals have only gotten bigger.

What are your goals this year? What have you always dreamt about but never tried to do anything with? Nothing is off the table and humans are a lot more relatable than we let ourselves believe, so I promise to execute on goals this year, and I’ll probably fail in some areas too, but that’s okay.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, so if that’s the case, then we got a whole lot of crazy people walking around.

Don’t be crazy, try something new. Take a chance on yourself… worse thing that can happen is that you’re exactly where you are now.

Fail forward,

– NathantheHaitian

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