The Treadmill

I’ve got to be honest, your boy is feeling spent. The last few weeks have been a mental, spiritual and intellectual dry spell. It feels almost like I’m running on this treadmill of life and like a real treadmill… not going anywhere.  I’m going to stick with the treadmill analogy for a minute, because it seems to fit exactly how I feel. Even though I’m working hard, trying to network and grow myself, all of my actions seem pointless and exhausting. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes I felt like God was punishing me. See, that’s what most people don’t tell you about Christians, is that 1- we don’t always have it figured out and 2- sometimes we feel like God has forgotten about us too.

Before starting this blog, I promised to be raw. Not just sharing the successes this year but also to hard times. And right now, every force of nature is making sure I keep that promise. If you’re an entrepreneur, college student or average Joe, at some point I guarantee you’ll feel what I’m feeling. You’ll feel lonely, undervalued or underappreciated. You’ll feel like no matter how hard you try, and sacrifice for others, it’s never enough.

I had three different people in the last month remind me of something… and if I’m honest, what they told me is the only thing keeping me going right now. It was so strong and true that no matter how bad I felt for myself, it is the only thing my anger and frustration accepts. So if you can relate to the mental and maybe spiritual fatigue I’m talking about, I’ll tell you what my friends told me. Your PURPOSE is not found in your circumstance.

Think about this for a second; how disappointing would our lives be if our value as human beings was synonymous to our work, cars and our families?? Yeah, I said families. Your purpose is so much bigger than your circumstance. You’ve been created with eternity in mind. You don’t have to be a Christian to admit that as humans were always looking towards the NEXT thing. And in some capacity that displays our internal desire for… more.

Right now, my biggest struggle is focus. Not the scatterbrained kind, but the near sighted kind. I’m letting the immediate circumstance blind my long term vision.  So don’t do it. If you’re discouraged and feeling like you’re out of gas a mile away from a gas station,  (happened to me last week) know you’re not alone and you’ve got so much more to do. Don’t let school, work or kids let you lose sight of your purpose.

God allows circumstance to break and shape us, not just to make us stronger, but to make us more like Him.  The story of Job is the perfect example of a man of God being dragged through the mud by the devil himself, and still remembering his purpose at the end of it all.

Don’t lose sight of your purpose, and remember that you are worth so much more than your circumstance. If you’re running on this treadmill of life and it’s not going anywhere, remember, like a real treadmill you’ll be stronger than when you got on.

Stay weak,


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