Double Down

Exactly a year ago I was one phone call away from giving up.

I found myself in a rut. I became easily frustrated by people and circumstances, and felt like my work had no meaning. To make matters worse, I personally felt no resolve. Look, I hate to rain on your screen time with a sad story, but transparency is the heartbeat of this platform, so you’re getting transparent me. Let me reiterate, last year sucked a lot. I wish I could point to a voice in the sky moment where I realized my true destiny, turned into an overnight success and became the “black Gary V” and never having another doubt in this life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Gary has his own issues, but my point still stands.  Most humans don’t experience these zero to Hollywood – hero life changing moments.

So if you hate your job, find yourself in a rut or feel no purpose… what is the answer?

Double Down.

I recently overheard someone say “what ever happened to paying your dues?!”… This made me think hard. But you know what…this guy was right! When did focusing on one thing for a long period of time, or committing to one goal for longer than a few months become lame?  When did working the same job for 5, 10, 15 years start being seen as settling? Our society started making the PERCEPTION of success more extraordinary than the dedication and grit that ACTUALLY makes people successful. I kid you not; thinking about this actually makes me laugh out loud! To picture the people that work hard to look successful, rather than working hard to actually better their lives makes me chuckle.

We have lost the beauty of consistency, but I think something special happens when we find it. If time is the most valuable tool we have, why not use it wisely? If you have a dream or goal, why not double down to make it happen?

Haitians are the BEST example of this in my life, my father specifically. Growing up in a small farming village in North Central Haiti, my dad had very little. It didn’t take much sweat and toil in the rice fields for him to realize he didn’t want this for himself, so he turned to books. Circumstances, if we let them, will define us, but if we blend circumstance and determination over time, the result is out of this world. Decades later, my father is pouring into his community and hundreds like it around Haiti to empower young men and women. He is offering a space where their dreams are met with opportunity and resources… and isn’t that what we all need?

See, the one thing we cannot take into account when we work toward something is the FUTURE. If you are devoted to any vision or goal for one year, you have no idea who you will meet and how it will reshape or sharpen your vision.  I think it’s time the future reclaimed its rightful place in our life plans. Focus on what is in front of you and do it well.  In my experience, an interesting thing happens; you gain clarity and energy when you share your dream. And all of a sudden, the doubts you were having about the future are replaced with consistency and tangible steps in the right direction.

Like I said earlier, last year was not fun, and I am still far from where I dream of being. But I am closer than I was last year. So share your aspirations with people you trust, and do something today that is a step in that direction. Don’t give up or look for an easier way to look successful.

Double Down.



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